G Suite Revealed New Feature Security Feature


Nowadays, hackers are everywhere always trying to get into important stuff. Regarding security, people first need to make their password very strong especially in the corporate world.

Hence Google brought G Suite admin new feature, that can protect an organization’s essential data from the first stage of stealing data.

A new option is known as “Enforce strong password,” which will prevent anyone in the organization creating a weak password.

According to 9to5google, Enterprise G Suite users already specify a minimum and maximum length for passwords. But its still kept under wrap when this effect will go on a roll.

You can choose to enforce password length and strength requirements either the next time a user changes their password or the next time they log in. The default is to start enforcement the next time a user changes their password.


Using this feature, G Suite admin can tell if the existing passwords of managed users are weak or not.

The second feature, “Password expiration” allows G Suite admin to set expiration limit for passwords ranging from 30, 60, 90, and 180 days. The default is the “never expires.”

The third and last feature is “Password reuse,” which will prevent users to select already being used passwords with the organization.

You can find “Enforce strong password” in Admin console dashboard, Security > Password management.

Source: 9to5google


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