G Suite Provides New Level of Security to their Admins

Google’s G Suite already working on their Wolverine project which could rival Microsoft’s Outlook.

And recently Google launch a very new and fresh tool for G Suite admin members. Want to find it out? So let’s go through the below article

Google has enabled their customer a new and better level of view of the state of their organization’s security. But this Security Center only available to G Suite Enterprise users which features two main components.

The first one is a Dashboard that gives G Suite admin an overview of their current security metrics service like Google’s products i.e. Gmail, Google Drive, etc.

The second and most important one is Security Health Checkup. Using this, admins can get a quick overview of current security settings and additional suggestions for possible improvements.

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As per the report from Tech Crunch, Google will bring all of the important security metrics that are currently spread across multiple products into a single service.

Not only this, the company also wanted to give admins a single view of recommendations which is helpful for their users to stay always secure.

Although the above is only Google’s future plan, still we have Dashboard that let admins quickly see what’s happening across their organization.

So if you are a new G Suite user but didn’t see this type of feature, no need to worry. Soon Google will roll out this tool to all present G Suite Enterprise Admins.

G Suite is a product developed by Google for cloud computing, collaboration and productivity tools launched in 2006. For communication purpose, G Suite uses various Google Products like Gmail, Calendar, Hangouts and Google plus. G Suite exclusively helps your team to connect anywhere using any type of device. It’s simple to use, setup and allow you to work like smartly


Source: Techcrunch

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