G Suite: New Gmail Changes You Need To Know

how to download emails from gmail

Day by day, Google company changing new elements to their product and Gmail is one of them. In the new change, the company brought new compose formatting and download options.

Check out below changes that added into Gmail:

  • If there is a mistake, you can undo/redo your mistake in the compose window
  • New shortcuts keys to strike-through text like this.
  • Download Gmail emails or messages as ‘.EML’ files in rfc822 format.

How to download offline Gmail emails?

Please follow below step-by-step procedure to download Gmail messages:

  1. Go to any individual email and click on three dots from right upper corner.
  2. You will see one window to perform some functions. There you will find download message option. Please follow below image.
  3. You can save this file anywhere you want.

gmail download email message


Source: G Suite Update Blogs


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