G Suite Promotion Code: Limited Offer To Get 20% Off Quickly


G Suite Promo Code for 1 year
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Hello there! We contacted Google regarding 40%-50% off G Suite Promo Codes, and they told us that plan has stopped.

Now Google is only giving us a chance to use a 20% discount (20%割引クーポン) G Suite Coupon for one year.

You can use this promo codes for both Basic and Business Plan.

After utilizing this G Suite Promo Code (G suite プロモーションコード), you can add many users under one domain name.

These promotional codes are valid for below countries:

USA, UK, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan (日本), Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Argentina, UAE, India.

How to get 20% discount using G Suite Promo Code?

1. Get G Suite Promo Code privately without knowing anyone through following one way Google form.

  • For USA, CANADA & MEXICO regions:




  • For EUROPE:


  • For ASIA:



  • If you are not sure about the accounting process and payment methods, then you can try 14 days free trial.

Get 14 days free trial on G Suite service

G Suite 14 days trail period
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  • It’s better to use free trial unless you are sure of purchasing it.

2. You will receive G Suite Promo Code (G Suite Aktionscode) through admin@gsuitedeals.com. After getting it, you can log in to ‘G suite admin panel’.

Window of G Suite admin console panel

3. Please go to ‘billing setup’ where you can start your billing plans and apply requested promotional code.

4. After that, select your ‘Country and its Currency’ properly otherwise coupon won’t apply.

5. There are two major plans that User needs to select for their G Suite account. You can check following reference images where we have explained each and every detail thoroughly.

G Suite basic and business plan purchase price
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♦ Here is a clear idea how Basic features different than the Business’s:

G Suite Basic Business comparision

  • Choose the above plans wisely. I must suggest you for the Business plan as it includes amazing features which may surprise you.

Let’s say you decided to pick ‘Basic Plan’. Under it, there are two more minor plans which need to choose wisely i.e., Flexible Plan and Annual Plan.



G Suite Pricing Billing Flexible and Annual Plans


G Suite Basic Plans


G Suite Business Plans

6. Assume that you have select Flexible Plan, for example, you will see ‘Promotion Code(プロモーションコード) ‘ tab. (If you reach up to this point, then you are 99% done)

G Suite Promo Code in Billing
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7. But where is my G Suite Coupon code (G Suite クーポン コード)???

You need not worry about it. Because we will mail you G Suite Promo Code after you follow the step number (1).

8. After applying respective G Suite promotional code, you will find this type of message,

“20% off each month for 12 month(s) if minimum monthly bill is $1.00”

G suite promo code apply
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9. Then click on continue, and your G Suite promo code successfully will be used.

  • Note: To get 20% discount, please make sure you are entering correct G Suite promo code provided from email while setting up a billing account. You can’t enter it later.

10. Sometimes you will not find any 20% off discount. Don’t worry. Please follow the next instruction.

  • Note: You order summary don’t show your reduced amount as per the Google’s policy. But one thing is sure, it does show you the coupon and a short note about it which will be applied later after filling up tax information section.

11. After clicking on continue, you will need to fill up the contact billing and tax information section. (This is absolutely safe and you can proceed because this whole process is under Google’s domain)

Read Also: All you need to know about Google’s Jamboard

12. Finish your all billing plan according to this procedure. While filling payment/billing form, if you find any troubles, follow below most asking Q&A section, or you directly contact us.

Now, what??? You can enjoy your G Suite account for the next twelve months. Yippe Hurray!!

For a quick coupon, you can find this post about ‘G Suite Promo Code’ on Reddit.

Important Instructions

  • Point to be noted that you can use G Suite Promo Code only during your first payment meaning just for the 1st time registration. You will not be able to redeem it later.
  • You will get 20% flat discount per user only for one year.
  • G Suite pricing values change from country to Country, and also it would vary from Basic plan to Business one.
  • Select respective regional coupon links from above. For example, if you are from Europe, select third link option.
  • Please don’t ignore to check your spam folder for after we mail coupons.
  • If you didn’t get any coupon within a 1 hour (which is impossible), you could try 14 days trial period instead.

Do comments in the below section if you find any trouble during processing. I will try to contact you within an hour or mostly within a day and will try to resolve it as quickly as possible…

The table includes country-wise details about G Suite payment plans

which show price before and after getting discount


CountryDiscount (%)Price before DiscountPrice after Discount
United States20$50 per user/yr$40 per user/yr
United Kingdom20£33 per user/yr£26.4 per user/yr
Australia20$50 per user/yr$40 per user/yr
Belgium20€40 per user/yr€32 per user/yr
Brazil20$50 per user/yr$40 per user/yr
Canada20$50 per user/yr$40 per user/yr
Chile20$50 per user/yr$40 per user/yr
Colombia20$50 per user/yr$40 per user/yr
France20€40 per user/yr€32 per user/yr
Germany20€40 per user/yr€32 per user/yr
Hong Kong20$50 per user/yr$40 per user/yr
India20INR 1500 per yrINR 1200 per yr
Ireland20€40 per user/yr€32 per user/yr
Italy20€40 per user/yr€32 per user/yr
Japan20¥6000 per user/yr¥4800 per user/yr
Mexico20$50 per user/yr$40 per user/yr
Netherlands20€40 per user/yr€32 per user/yr
New Zealand20$50 per user/yr$40 per user/yr
Portugal20€40 per user/yr€32 per user/yr
Singapore20$50 per user/yr$40 per user/yr
Spain20€40 per user/yr€32 per user/yr

Some Q&A while proceeding through Billing Setup:

Sometimes many of the users don’t follow the above-written procedure to complete the payment process. Therefore, they stuck with billing issues.

So, no problem. That’s why I am here.

Fix your problem instantly by reading questions and answers. Even if you have some query to ask; use the comment section.

1. Something wrong while completing billing setup. Is there any issue or it is just me?

Answer: You need to go again to restart billing setup.

Sign in to your Google Admin Console and sign in using your ‘xxx@company.com’ administration account.

2. I am unable to select proper payment options I want. Why?

Answer: Then there is only one solution you need to follow.

If you are setting up the 1st subscription to your Google billing account, click Back in the setup window and select the right country correctly.

3. I have selected another currency while setting up the billing currency. What should I do?

Answer: If by mistake you have selected Indian currency as Rupees, then you can switch to US dollar.

Click Back option and select the correct currency.

4. I want to see my discount. Where is it?

Answer: After completing the order, your paid service begins.

Go to transaction from billing account and there you can see the discount which was applied.

5. Still, I don’t understand the basic difference between Flexible and Annual Plan. Can you please once again explain it?

Answer: Why not.

In the Flexible Plan, you can add/delete users at any time you want.

But it this plan, you have only pay for service which used during that month. Hence, you billed monthly.

In Annual Plan, you are with G Suite family for a whole year, and that’s why you are getting the discount rate.

You can add users to this plan also, but can not delete them during that one year.

6. What if I don’t see any other nation in the form list menu?

Answer: If that is the case, the user needs to cancel their account. After that, they can open a new one to use the new address.

7. Google denies my bank detailed after submitting information?

Answer: There is the only one solution to this. Make sure to enter exact details. If necessary, please contact your concern bank directly.

8. Hi! Am I the only Indian user facing debit/credit cards issue?

Answer: Probably not. Right now due to issues with the 3D secure verification service, Google can’t accept Indian Debit cards. Sometimes, Google may reject specific credit cards. Hence the best way is to try another method like NetBanking.

9. Is G Suite 14 days trial period safe? Means do I have to enter bank details early during my free trial too?

Answer: Yes! If you are thinking about the billing process, you will not charge any money until your 14 days trial periods is over.

10. I am still confused between G Suite Basic and Business plan. Care to explain, please?

Answer: If you are first time user, go with the first one:

In G Suite Basic plan, the user can use professional emails, able to makes meeting using calendars, online document sharing, edition, and storage.

Additionally, you can do a video meeting. But remember, G Suite basic costs 5 USD per user per month.

Hence, it’s better to use G Suite Promo Code to avail 20% discount.

In G Suite Business Plan, you will get bumper facilities like storage.

In the organization, you can permit people to use Google vault.

This plan comes with Drive administration, auditing and user can report some of the issues in the features.

Note: Charges for this plan will be 10 USA per user per month.

11. Could I switch billing plans later to another program?

Answer: Yes, you can. A user has the right to move from Annual to Flexible. But only during this below situation.

  • While you are on 14 days trial period and
  • when it’s about time to renew your subscription

But things are very different if you are using Flexible plan and want to change into Annual.

Because the Annual plan is not available in some of the countries; hence if it is possible, you can switch during your trial time.

12. Hello! G Suite’s free 14 days trial period is about to end. When my first automatic transaction will start?

Answer: If your free trial started in June. Your paid subscription will starts from July.

Google will start debiting the money at the opening of the month means at the beginning of August.

Unless you cancel your subscription, you will charge automatically in each month.



Question: When will I get a G Suite promo code after registering through a respective form?

Answer: You will get promo codes within minutes if you enter correct mail ID and your business domain name.

Question: Will I get Business promo code through this form too?

Answer: Yes! Definitely…

Question: What is the validity of promotion code If I get more than two codes?

Answer: Even though we have written on the top of this post, sometimes promo codes would be useful for the next four months.

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