G Suite Will Remove Admin Console Uninstall Functionality For Apps

G Suite uninstall remove

Starting from January 19, 2018, Google is going to remove the “Uninstall” feature from the G Suite Admin console. According to the company, it will work for G Suite users to simplify their access.

Uninstall was a tool to remove a G Suite app as well as additional google service from your organization. But now users will see a new option in setting to turn apps on or off for users. However, it will not impact G Suite users’ access.

How users can access G Suite apps?

There are two ways you can access individual apps as follows:

  1. Before it was uninstalled, if you see an app was OFF, you can still see it in the list of Google services in the admin console. Still, users have not to access to it because of the OFF functionality.
  2. On the other hand, it uninstalled, if you see an app was ON, it will continue to be set ON for those users in the Admin console.

If you are confused with this, you can manage the access to apps in the Admin console by turning them on or off:

G Suite admin can control which users will have access to particular Google apps. Usually, when users sign in to their account, they see the only list of apps that are turned ON. Furthermore, you can turn ON/OFF by Organizational Unit.

Source: G Suite Updates Blog


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