G Suite: Follow These 5 Methods to Stays Up-To-Date With New Features

G Suite methods
Google’s G Suite has revealed their final trump card which can be helpful to stay up to date with the latest G Suite Features.

Here are five methods which would serve better for the users:

1. See G Suite release dates on a calendar:
One of the best method to get in touch with G Suite’s latest update is G Suite Calendar. You can click here to get in there…
2. Review last month’s launches
If you miss any updates from the past months, then you can visit this link
Please put this link on this link 
3. Receive G Suite blog posts
If you don’t want to miss any updates on Google’s G Suite product, then please visit this link:
4. Explore the details by product, date, or keyword
From the 3rd method, if you are still hungry to find more details about G Suite product, then visit this link
5. Follow G Suite on social media
G Suite Social Media
One of the fasted media to find latest updates on G Suite. You can find it on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook
What is your most preferable choice? I like the one about social media. Its very fast and reliable source. Sounds off your opinion in the comment box…


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