How to pay for G Suite Service?

G Suite payment methods

Most of the people used our provided G Suite Promo code and I want to thank you very much. So you have coupons but when and how to proceed payment procedure.

That’s why I am here. So let’s go ahead and read this short article which may be beneficial for you.

You can pay for using your credit or debit card for Google Service subscription or domain purchased through Google. Most of the cases, after providing bank details, Google can debit money directly from the bank account.

But how this is even possible?

Because remember for the first time when you set up for your subscription, you chose a primary payment method. But after that, you have the privilege to change the payment process.

For example, you can even set automatic payment method.

There are four ways you can pay:

1. Bank Account (Direct debit):

This method is only available in the US, UK and probably in some European countries.

Via bank transfer also known as direct debit, depending on your region, where do you work, you can make payments.

But if you already select primary method, then Google will debit from the account for your automatic payments.

2. Credit/debit card

Most of the time, Google accept international payments using credit cards which includes Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

Make a note here: If you select Credit card as a primary method, then Google will charge some amount for your automatic payments.

3. Backup credit card

This option is highly recommended by Google. To prevent account suspension if your primary method fails, this backup credit card, help you to make payment instantly.

There is a plot in this method. If credit card’s charge extra amount declined by the bank, then Google will charge it from the backup credit card.

4. Prepay manually

You can also prepay by manually by adding money to your bank account. Meaning you can pay using any bank or credit card that you have added to your billing account.

Same goes here in terms of extra charge.

If you add credit to your primary account, Google will direct debit from that credit instead of taking money from your primary account.

So that’s all for today.

Which method do you prefer usually? Comment your opinions right below.


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