Google Drive: Google Adds Comment Box On Microsoft Files

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Google has made our life easier with their incredible products. Let’s take an example of Google Drive. You can store your important files into Drive and can access it anywhere anytime.

Even you can share those files with your team members by providing securities like a read-write privilege. Hence, by understanding all those kind of regular work, Google has made an enhancement by providing comment section directly beside Microsoft Office’s files like PDG without having to convert them into DOCs format.

In a corporate world, if you are dealing with suppliers you sometimes need to share documents with them. In that time you are dealing with different kinds of file formats.

Therefore, to deal with these types of files, Google had added a new update where the user can comment directly on those files in Google Drive instead of the traditional way you’re used to in Google Docs.

If you are thinking what if the end user isn’t using G Suite account, then need not to worry. The people, workers, suppliers you are working with can also reply back even though they don’t have G Suite account.

For example, let’s say your one of coworker open particular MS file on her personal machine, he/she can see all of your comments in the file and can reply you back instantly.

That’s it. This is a fantastic way to communicate with the people easily which seemed to bother last time in a traditional way.

Source: Google



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