Google’s G Suite new improvements will shock you in 2018

As we know, G Suite is well known for its major benefits which are eventually lacking in Microsoft’s Outlook. No doubt it’s Google’s product and will surpass anyone who is in competition now. But recent news came from The Information is that in the New Year 2018, Google has planned to take on Microsoft with the voice and video upgrades.

Seems surprising? According to the report, Google has done significant excellent changes in their G Suite product. Microsoft’s Outlook comes with ‘Skype for Business‘ service which is generally used as a communication tool among the users in the respective corporate world. Hence, Google has created a similar product which will directly compete with ‘Skype for Business’.

Google’s Project name is ‘Voice-over-IP service‘ and they have codenamed it by ‘Wolverine’. Isn’t it marvelous? If you are new to Voice-over-IP, then allow me to explain you. It’s an internet protocol also known as a group of technologies which helps delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over IP networks.

‘Wolverine’ is a PBX which is a telephone system used within an enterprise that switches calls between employee users on local lines while enabling all the users to share a certain number of external phone lines. In simple words, PBX is a cloud-based service that routes calls inside and outside the company. If this is not enough in future, Wolverine could also try to incorporate some video and audio quality upgrades for Hangouts.

Let’s see who will be in the game in future because Office 365 has currently 120 active users whereas G Suite has around 70 million users for Education and 3 million businesses paying for it.


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