Google’s G Suite Vs. Microsoft’s Office! Which Tool Is Better???

Google's G Suite services vs Microsoft's Outlook services

Are you aware of Microsoft’s Outlook service??? It has nearly same features that of Google’s Gmail or G Suite service. But most of the people find themselves in a confusion because both tools provide us easier access to it as well as we can able to use these tools without any difficulties.

So to remove all of your chaos and unanswered questions about which is better, Google’s G Suite or Microsoft’s Outlook, then this articles is for you.


Everyone in the world uses the Gmail services and even owes their personal mail integrated with Google. But did you know, some of the corporate worlds still use Microsoft’s Outlook? But why???

Here are few advantages of Outlook which may amaze you

1. As every function are same as that of Gmails but Outlook’s sweep feature is awesomely invented as well as produced.

2. If you are too old to use the internet or If you are new being to enter in mail service world, then Outlook is just for you because it has far simpler and less intimidating design for non-geeks.

3. In Gmail, probably you don’t need to create folders but in Outlook, the folder’s style is better than Gmail.

4. It has very good, far simpler and cleaner interface even though Gmail is more customizable.

5. After so many years of Google’s work, Outlook still feels like back to home. No matter how Gmail will do improvement much further in future, Outlook manages to be so shiny, new and streamlined.

6. The golden charm of Outlook is its apps. It has all apps that of Gmail’ and they are running quick, clean and much faster with each other.

7. Its collaboration with Microsoft helps you to directly edit documents (like MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.) online.

8. If you don’t have Microsoft Office installed on your device/machine, don’t worry, you can use MS Words and Excel sheet online.

9. Outlook’s search bar is very instant having lightning speed. Without having an architecture that of Gmail’s, it still able to compete with other mail services.

10. Using outlook, you can use integrated chatting service i.e. Skype of Business. To make it true enterprise platform, Microsoft has recently included various other productivity apps to the platform likes PowerBI, Power Apps, Connectors, Gigjam, etc.


There are tons of G Suites benefits if you seen it in term of a business point of view. Google’s classic Mail service itself better than Microsoft’s Outlook, then only dare to imagine how its like to own Gmail’s premium account.

We have our one article which explained and covered all the necessary and unknown G Suites benefits which you need to know about

Top 10 Benefits of using G Suite in the Business Work

If you still confuse which to use in the corporate world, then there is no need to worry about it. It’s your choice and both are best. But at the end of the day, I will suggest you to go with G Suites service.

If you want to create your own business G Suite account, then follow the below article:

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