G Suite: All you need to know about Google’s Jamboard

Day by day, Google tends to change their way a work and ultimately it leads to creating a new level of technologies. In the 21st century where all things can be done digitally, Google made their first impressive move by introducing Jamboard. But did you really know about it???

Jamboard is Google’s one of the best innovation ever which will have a huge impact on the machine learning systems. In this era, Jamboard is known as 2019’s biggest innovative product and it seems true.

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As a part of G Suite family which is successfully grasp the entire corporate world by upgrading customer’s classic mail system to its premium one, it is an interactive whiteboard develop by Google. This whiteboard is a standalone touchscreen monitor usually use to perform a certain task to make things faster.

According to market research by Futuresource Consulting, this technologically advanced whiteboard have been utilizing one of every classroom in the world. Considering this, Google develops their own intelligent whiteboard known as Jamboard.

Jamboard running on the same Operative System that of G Suite’s ecosystem. But do we really need this??? I think you probably won’t need this unless you a teacher or company’s executive. Because it’s a hugely powerful device to make things easier like to enhance meeting more effectively or to make brilliant presentations.

This type of systems we have seen it in sci-fiction movies like in Marvel’s Iron Man where Robert Downey Jr. always is seen using some sort of transparent screen monitor technologies to do things faster. But in real time, we have a long way to go to adopt such fictional technology.


meeting using Jamboard

Many users want to find out why they have to use this newly launched device if they are already satisfied with their own traditional whiteboard. So here are some important points about Jamboard that you may want to look at it for its better understanding…

1. In the tradition whiteboard, there is a small problem in a multimedia section like images cannot load fast or video still in buffering condition.
2. The main point is they lack G Suite feature. Even if they are more interactive than others, they still don’t have this feature.
3. One of the most embarrassing moment occurs when you realize you cannot connect any storage device to it.
4. Does not have sharing option. (this isn’t fair)
5. No apps integration which leads to lack of understanding while explaining complex diagrams.

All this problem have already overcome by Google by blessing with Jamboard.


Google’s Jamboard comes with a 55-inch monitor display which has 4K ultra high definition resolution. Confidently Google claims that users can draw or write onto the whiteboard like they are writing in a textbook and it feels true after using it.

Although it’s a little bit costly but worth it. Trust me! I have never seen like this before. It has loaded with cloud assistance which enhances its workplace interface. More importantly, it is designed for scrabbling and sketching purpose with the special type of stylus.

One of the biggest advantages of Jamboard is you can save all the data on the google drive. It’s obvious. After all, Jamboard is own to Google market.

Whether you are working with documents that include sketching, adding images, written notes or pulling webs from the webs like Tony Stark, you of your real-time work can be saved in the google drive, where you can share this files with anyone anytime.

Another main feature includes while doing a presentation, you can project whiteboard’s screen directly to a hangout’s sessions or use Google Cast you can setup broadcast meetings. If this is not enough, you can also invite another Jamboard user to join the session using a tablet or a smartphone.

As G Suite is integrated with Jamboard, you can use their apps also simultaneously.

But what are the Jamboard’s marvelous features???

1. Jamboard has inbuilt plug and connects design which is good enough to avoid battery problems.

2. Built-in microphones as well as down firing speakers

3. Has Near Field Communication (NFC)

4. Multiple ports like HDMI 2.0, two USB 3.0, and USB Type C

5. Having excellent visual graphics interface helps you to understand anything from a simple concept like 1+1=2 to physically or diagrammatically complex problems.

6. As traditional whiteboards lack in loading images or any multimedia things, in Jamboard it is much easier to load high-end graphics videos into Google’s Jamboard.

7. In traditional whiteboards, once you remove something written on it, it’s gone forever. You cannot restore a single thing.But in case of Jamboard which has inbuilt Google Drive feature, you can prevent data from losing. Hence, you powers cut off, need not worry about, as your system continues to work after power gets on, you will find your precious data already in its place.

8. Instant transfer of data through USB ports. You can connect storage devices like Pendrive, Hard disk, etc. which certainly helps you with transferring your data.

9. In terms of viewing angles, traditional whiteboards come with a pointless display as they were not able to provide display views from corner angle. On the other hand, Jamboard provides a best visual experience no matter where you are sitting in some corner or on some high reflection point.

10. If you don’t with explaining some topic, you can move those file by dragging them using the stylus and can direct it to cloud storage. So that other person who is attending the meeting can access those data as a reference.

11. Jamboard is almost behaving like an A.L. because it can sense your touch or individuals handwriting. So that while writing or drawing something, only you can erase it with your own hand.

12. Can provide privileges to those people who need to access important data. Even a single dot can also be shared online through Google Drive, Google Hangouts, Gmail or G Suite.

13. You can use emoji while writing, can take a screenshot, can pin it, able to export any types of documents.

14. As mentioned earlier, as per the report from Google, they said that it runs on an OS that is similar to G Suite. Hence if there are some G Suite files which you want to run on Jamboard, go with it.

15. Multiuser interactive whiteboards allow anyone to convey their information in any type format like the image, picture, video, notes, etc.

Since digitalization concept consistently growing all around the world, in education level it becomes necessary to use such a technologically developed gadgets. Right now I don’t have to explain all this stuff but If you are already using regular whiteboards, then Jamboard would be a premium gift for you. Because it can do a lot more things that you can’t even imagine.

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Jamboard’s other supportive utility which you need to buy along with it



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