Migrate Your Data From Office 365 To G Suite Easily

migrate data from office 365 to g suite

All G Suite Admin can move/migrate Google date from mail, calendar items, contacts, and files from Office 365 to G Suite. There are few tools available such as Data Migration Service or CloudMigrator that helps to data migration.

Please see below tools which can be helpful to migrate your choice of data from Office 365 To G Suite:

1. G Suite Data Migration:

It is free service created by Google which allows you to migrate email, calendar, and contacts for your organization. But the point is that you can move data for at a one time one product.

2. CloudMigrator

CloudMigrator is a Third-party migration service again classified into two types: CloudMigrator and CloudMigrator Go. First one is a downloadable product for complex migrations, and later one is a for more natural movements. Meaning if you need to have data move from OneDrive for Business, CloudMigrator Go is the best option.

Source: TechRepublic


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