34 Most Popular Google Products All Time In 2019

most popular google products 2019

When it comes to ultra-modern user interface and improved updates, Google is the number one company.

In 2019, Google is planning to introduce even more product that would be helpful for all users across globe.

As of now, Company has not revealed anything about it, but you people need to know what Google has on its sleeves.

So check out this article and get to know all Google’s fascination tools.

Here are 34 Google Products You Need To Know:


You will not believe in my words, but many people still are using Yahoo search engine or bing.

It’s not like they are not good, but if you look at Google Search Engine, it cares of us while providing search results.

As you know Google Search Engine helps to get optimum results within a fraction of second along with considering all of your favorite of recent searches.

Another advantage is that the first three results are the best one where you gets your likely answer.

If you search any question, you will see a bolded answer. Thus you won’t have to go through any sites.

Furthermore, the desktop version of the search engine will also show a short description of what you are seeking.


Gmail is one of the simplest tools to send emails to recipients.

Nowadays, most of the US company adapting G Suite service only because of Gmail service.

Though its free version enough for us, however, paid version provides extended storage as well as features.

New Benefits of Gmail:

  • Enormous cloud storage
  • Hangout integration for chatting purpose
  • Search emails instantly
  • Download emails to save on local storage
  • Able to view emails even there is no internet access

Currently, Gmail users are increasing day by day, and one day it will surely outnumber Microsoft’s Outlook.


Google’s most underrated product Blogger is a perfect platform for beginners to publish articles.

If you have known, it originally belonged to Pyra Labs, which was later acquired by Google back in 2003.

Now it is hosted by Google and can be accessed from a subdomain of blogspot.com.

However, you only allow writing article up to 500 characters. Also, maximum blogs can be published up to 100 numbers.

Despite being these limitations, it’s great that Blogger is a free tool.

Also unlike WordPress, Blogger helps users to rank instantly in Google Search Engine. Also, there are free video tutorials which help beginners to understand what a perfect Google needs to have for us.

Furthermore, you can even earn a few bucks through Google Adsense.

Isn’t it interesting?

Try with Blogger and make comments and tell us what you like the most.


Chrome is Google’s most trusted and secure web browser.

It not only provides access to high internet speed but also customize our needs from search history.

Furthermore, if you want to separate the Chrome tab or join several tabs into one, Chrome browser comes handy.

You need to drag those tab and do whatever you want to. Besides this, there are additional benefits of using the Chrome browser which you must know:

  • Automatically translate the foreign language into English or your preferred language
  • If Chrome crashes due to a specific reason, it has a feature to restore it.
  • Able to change browser theme into different colors.
  • Installation speed is very less.
  • Search through internet bar directly at any time.
  • Chrome manages our recent searches or most visited pages into The start-up page lists.


Most of the worlds’ population are currently using Google’s Android operative System in Smartphones.

This OS based on modified version of Linux kernel as well as other open sources.

Not only smartphones, but there are also even Android TV for televisions, Android Auto for cars, and Wear OS for wrist watches which runs on Android Operative system.

Google captured the market instantly tremendously as soon as Android got popular among people.

OS provides people to use their favorite apps to do their task. Recently Google launched a new version of their Android update which is called Pie 9.

The company has made provision to download apps from its Google Play Store. Visit it and install tons of application that you want.


I don’t need to tell you about this product which has become the No. 1 platform to watch videos online.

Back in 2005, Youtube created by three PayPal employees. Later in 2006, Google bought it for the US $1.65 billion.

Now one of the subsidiaries product of Google, Youtube is freely available for all users for sharing-uploading videos.

You can even earn money through advertising from Google Adsense.

As billion of hours watched per minute, Youtube is the second most popular website in the World.


Adsense is another most popular Google’s product which allows website users to run advertisements.

From this, users can earn revenue on either a per-click or per-impression.

First introduced 15 years ago, Google Adsense provides opportunities for us to earn money through websites, Youtube videos.

Currently, as per reports from Builtwith, over 11.1 million websites use AdSense program to earn money.


Want to access files anytime, anywhere? Just upload scan copy of your essential documents and upload into Google’s other favorite tool, i.e. Drive.

Furthermore, you can also upload other stuff like videos, Zip files, PDF, Microsoft documents, and much more.

Besides this, if you want to share data, you can also add the required people.

Note: You can store data upto 15GB. After that, you need to pay for extra space. However, 15GB shared by all Google’s product Gmail, Photos, Drive.


Hope at this point, you have your website and register for the Google Adsense program.

Now its time to search for some popular all around the world.

I will not divert you towards SEO things, but you should know the basics of Google’s next important tool.

Previously known by Google Ads, Adwords provides brief advertisements within the Google ad network to web users.

In other words, its a platform for advertisers to earn money.

Google’s most of the profits comes from Google Ads. From this campaign, you can show your products for specific keywords.

However, it’s a paid advertisement which works faster than SEO work.


Another most brilliant product introduced by Google will guide you travel throughout worlds.

Google Map will navigate you wherever you want to go along with convenient directions.

Furthermore, you can see real-time traffic. This way you can avoid taking such route virtually.

Back in 2005, Google Map was just a new baby which was hard to handle due to lack of technology and insufficient knowledge.

But now in 2019 everyone is very fond of such a great product.


Google Pixel is the company’s most underrated piece of a smartphone because of its high rate. Contrary, its a one of the best Android phone itself made by Google, for its excellent camera.

Furthermore, Google’s latest model is Pixel 3 XL that launched back in October 2018. It runs on Android 9.0 and powered by a 3430mAh nonremovable battery. It has nearly all the feature that other company offers. The only difference is that Google gives Stock-android operative system which was the fresh OS directly from the company.


Laptop resembling product Chromebook is running the Linux-based Chrome OS as its operating system. Like windows, people used Internet Explorer as main browsers; for Chromebook, tasks can be performed by using the Google Chrome browser. Google also launched a desktop version called a Chromebox.

The idea behind creating a Company base product is to use the best of Google and its technology.


Those who don’t afford to pay money for DNS, Google offers free DNS service for internet users. The Company announced such a fantastic product back in 2009 that handles 400 billion requests per day — thus known as the largest DNS service in the world.

The reason behind using Google Public DNS service to get experience speed, reliability and performance. And another feature is to get security.


Another fascinating tool introduces by Google helps people to get in touch with the world. Google News provides up to date news and the latest information from all around the worlds according to your preferred categories.

The exciting thing is that Google News is available in 28 languages in 60 countries.

However, if you have your website or if it’s related to information or latest news, you can send your site for approval to get add into Google News. It will benefit from increasing your brand awareness, traffic, authority, etc.


You know Google also has its artificial intelligence who always ready to help anyone anytime anywhere. It is primarily available on mobile and smart home devices. Unlike previously known AI “Google Now,” Google Assistant can engage in two-way conversation.

Through natural voice, users can command anything like setting up time alarm, open any applications, find any google searches, contact any person, get advice where to eat, watch movie, shop, have Google assistant read Google news, etc.

On free level service, you have your assistant who can do anything for you.


Why fear if you have no Microsoft office license to use a word file? By considering all the facts, Google has its web-based platform in which you can use the word, excel, presentation, sheet, etc.

“Google Docs” allows users to create or use files online while co-operating with other users. It’s a real-time feature that could be used by the number of users if all members have permission.

Users can access these data wherever they are if they have an internet connection. Unlike Microsoft Office, Google Docs is very simple and straightforward.


Previously was known as Google Book Search, Google Books helps to search full-text of magazines as well as books that Google has scanned. Those scan files Google converst into text using optical character recognition. All those save scanned text stored in its digital database.

These underrated digital Google books have several benefits like they can be easily accessible. Unlike Amazon’s Kindle tool, you would not need to have an extra device to read it. It can be accessed through the internet anywhere anytime. Also if you stuck at a particular word, you need to click on that word, the definition pops up.


Google Analytics is one of the best business but free tool offered by Google that produces reports of website traffic.

Using Google Analytics, you can locate where your visitors are coming. Also, you can also keep a track on daily traffic through your website. You can also keep track of what searches people uses to visit your website. Hence instead of using some paid website tracking tools, if you have just begun your site work, then why don’t you prefer Google Analytics first?


Google Analytics is a tool which currently resides inside the Google Marketing Platform brand. As announced by Google company, the Marketing Platform is an online Platform, an online advertisement and analytics brand.

It’s a combined advertising and analytics platform that helps people to make better collaboration between DoubleClick and the Google Analytics 360 Suite.

With this on your bucket, you can spend your time on strategic activities which makes delivery faster as well as smarter. Having Google Analytics as sub-tool, you can go deeper into your audience that helps to identify the most valuable audiences.

Hence, having such incredible data with you, you can even share the company’s insight across your teams.


Are you going on a trip on a foreign country? Its a good news for you. Congrats. But are you confident about the country’s regional spoken language? If not, then you need to take a follow up from Google Translate.

It’s another multilingual machine translation that translates any text into your preferred language. According to Wikipedia, it can support over 100 languages serving 500 million people daily.

In smartphones’ era, Google Translate has been a default app that comes handy when someone is traveling to a place where people speak entirely foreign language. Furthermore, it can also convert specific foreign words from a web page into your preferred native language.

So if you are studying the German language as most of the Indian graduates’ do, Google Translate is God to them.


Have you seen a few cars showing Google map on its device? How is it possible? Are they using some tablet or have built-in Google map without internet?

The answer is no.

Google’s other fantastic product called Android Auto is nothing but just android app that lets you do something unusual. It can mirror chosen android apps from your device to the vehicle’s display. What important here is its simple user interface. It can support Google Map, music playback, SMS, telephone, and web search.

Besides navigation or other mobile-friendly functions, Android Auto give results in a much more accurate way because it gets GPS signal and speed data from car head unit antenna. Also, you don’t have to stop your card for changing some controls. You can do it even while driving using steering wheel buttons.


Google Alert is nothing but content change detection and notification service which is a subpart of Google Search Engine. If you subscribed your email ID to Google Alert and chose your preferred topics, you will get a notification email that matches the user’s search term(s).


Another free online application by the company, Google Notebook allows people to organize specific information while performing research online. You can also save web link while searching through browser session. Besides this, the tool also allows you to write a note, clip text, and images. All these data can be saved into Google Notebook with the help of sharing and collaboration features.


Youtube Music is a child of online video platform ‘Youtube’ which serve as music streaming service. On the Youtube application, you can search through music videos based on genres.

Available in 43 countries around the world, Youtube Music also provides a premium tier. It enables ad-free playback as well as audio-only background playback. The premium users can switch to audio-only mode if they want to exit the application while the music still plays in the background.



Google Calendar makes our life easier by scheduling our first events. Its a time-management and scheduling calendar gadget produced by Google.

With this tool, you can schedule official meetings, set your essential task on a specific date, add attachments, enable world clock, set holiday time, add locations, arrange appointment slots, etc.

So what are you waiting for? Open your Google Calendar and do some self-study.


Earlier most of the people used to make a real to-do list onto a pocket-sized notebook. But it did not come handy to carry it over. Hence taking into consideration, Google introduced one excellent product “Keep” that store your private notes with utmost security.

Google Keep is a straightforward but advantageous tool that syncs notes wherever we go. Even if you lost your data, you could once again retrieve all the data after login into your same Google account.

Trust me. Its a best Google app you must have installed on your smartphone app.


Launched back in 2006, Google analyzes the most popular articles as well as top search queries across all over the world.

User can also compare relatives searches among particular keyword terms. For the same, you can also subscribe to those keywords for email notification.

Users classified keyword terms in various criteria which include Arts & Entertainment, Sports, Politics, Finance, News, etc.


Google Allo is another instant messaging Android/IOS app that connects people through mobile number.

In this small app too, you will find a virtual assistant that will suggest you smart suggestion according to the previous response.

The exciting thing is that you can also add doodles and stickers on images.

Google Allo also has an Incognito mode that includes private notification, expiring chats. However, it does not include Smart Reply or Google Assistant features.


Google has its product everywhere, and Duo is proof of that. The duo is a mobile version of the video calling app. It is available on Android devices as well as on IOS. The remarkable thing about this app is that it makes you call in high definition with low data consumption.


On the entertainment area, Google did not forget to step in.

They created Google Play Music.

It’s a music player as well as serve as a podcast streaming service.

In Google Play Music, people can upload as well as download songs over 50,000 songs at free of cost.

Furthermore, you can also download music offline and listen to them whenever there is no internet connection.

With a paid subscription, the user can get access to over 40 million songs all around the worlds.


Google’s fantastic product helps millions of people across the world to save contact numbers.

Even if you lost your cell or changed phone, you can still bring back those contact.

With the help of this app, you can sync your data to any device.

It’s not enough, people remove duplicated, edit data online, etc.




Source: Ecloudbuzz & Wikipedia



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